Why become a Partner?

As a professional you want to give your clients the best advice.

Many SMEs worry about HR and find it difficult to keep up to date and even more difficult to make sure that important information and changes are communicated to employees.

HR is an essential part of running any organisation and making sure your clients have that solid HR foundation and are always up to date, will provide them with protection and peace of mind.


For HR consultants and solicitors

As an HR consultant or solicitor advising clients is much easier when you have access to the information you need, and you know that policies and updates have been communicated to employees. If your clients are using, you can:

  • Access policies, procedures, and other employment documents (e.g., contracts of employment).
  • Guarantee to your clients that their HR policies will always be up to date with employment law.
  • Work with more clients (as will save you time).
  • Offer your clients additional services.
  • Earn an ongoing commission to help you build contracted income.


For accountants and business professionals

If you are an Accountant or business professional providing general business advice to clients, this should include HR. You should encourage your clients to make sure they are compliant in order to reduce risk and protect their business. With you can:

  • Guarantee to your clients that their HR policies will always be up to date.
  • Give your clients tools and functionality to help them manage HR effectively.
  • Save your clients time, money and worry.
  • Help your clients to protect themselves and achieve hassle free HR.
  • Earn an ongoing referral fee or commission.

Discuss becoming a partner today

If you would like to discuss becoming a Partner and how you and your clients can benefit, please contact us and we’d be delighted to talk you through how it can work.