What is a HR Portal and how can it revolutionise HR for SMEs?

If you have ever worked for a large corporate you would have experienced an HR Portal.

While they may vary is design and content, they all provide an online repository that employees and managers can access for everything HR.

This could include induction training, access to HR policies and procedures, information on working practices, training, and wellbeing. Many will also include tools such as holiday booking and the ability to manage employee data and employment history (i.e., an employee database) etc.

So why do corporates invest in HR portals? Well, quite simply because they save time and money and are an effective way of communicating information. They can also contribute to engagement and are an efficient way of making sure HR compliance is managed and communicated. And it goes without saying that HR portals demonstrate a professional approach to HR and managing people.

But to achieve all this, HR Portals are backed up by large HR department who have the resources and expertise to write and manage the content and make sure the Portal is always up to date.

So how does this help SMEs who don’t have this resource and expertise in-house?

YourHR.space is an HR Portal designed and delivered for SMEs. It brings the concept and benefits of the corporate HR portal to the SME market at a sensible, and in fact very affordable price.

YourHR.space is not to be confused with most of the HR software out there that manages HR data. While these are great tools and help process the transactional side of HR, they fall short of providing that wider communication around policies and compliance (which is essential for any SME) and, most importantly, fall short of keeping policies and procedure and related information up to date for the organisation.

This is where YourHR.space stands out from other HR software as it is a true HR Portal bringing all the benefits that have been recognised by large corporates.

YourHR.space is branded for your organisation and has a team of HR professionals and experts who write and then manage your content making sure your HR Portal is always up-to-date. These updates may be around changes in employment law or recommend changes due to social trends.

YourHR.space is easy to use with an intuitive interface for employees that makes navigation simple. Employees can access everything they need and are kept informed of any changes.

It is truly ‘software as a service’ taking all the pain out of managing HR. For any SME who wants to take a professional approach to HR, ensure compliance and streamline HR, YourHR.space provides that total solution!


 Article by Natalie Rodda


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